Market Dynamics

Clayton Dalton on being a physician and writer.

Typewriter keys.

A Quiet Path Out of the Coronavirus Shadow

Mindfulness helped this ER doctor through a dark time. It can help us through these times.

A zen garden

This Covid wave has trapped healthcare workers in a nightmare. I see it every day

Celebrating healthcare workers as ‘heroes’ obscures the systemic failures that forced us to fill the gap.

Doctors in full PPE gear at a hospital.

Why a Negative Test Doesn’t Guarantee You Don’t Have the Coronavirus

We want coronavirus tests to give us the all-clear. But, in medicine, test results are clues, not answers—and no test is perfect.


So How Deadly Is COVID-19?

We still don’t know, and it doesn’t really matter right now; it’s plenty deadly.

Physicians treating patients in a hospital bed.

The Risks of Normalizing the Coronavirus

To cope with the unimaginable, doctors are becoming numbingly familiar with mass death.

Refrigeration trucks are serving as temporary morgues in New York City.

My Patients Are Sick And Alone

What The Pandemic Can Teach Us All About Intimacy

What The Pandemic Can Teach Us All About Intimacy

A Boston Hospital Nears Its Limits

The system is coping, but the intensity of COVID-19 has surprised even experienced doctors.

ER doctors transport a patient on a stretcher outside of an ambulance.

In Boston, Doctors Wait for the Deluge

Hospitals in the city are eerily quiet—emptied out in preparation for the surge in COVID-19 cases to come.

Black and white photo of outside of the hospital.

I'm an ER doctor. Please take coronavirus seriously

Most people don’t understand exponential growth. If they did, they’d be far more frightened.

Chart of Corona virus cases on the rise.