How ECMO Is Redefining Death


CPR can be lifesaving for some, futile for others. Here's what makes the difference

If someone young and healthy collapses, the treatment is a no-brainer. As we age or suffer serious health problems, there may come a point where it would do more harm than good.

Tattoo on a person's chest that reads "No CPR"

Here’s what happens when a for-profit company takes over your local ER

Costs are slashed, entire departments of doctors are laid off, and patients’ bills go up.

A person in medical clothes standing in a doorway.

The George Santos Syndrome

Why people believe their own lies.

George Santos walking outside.

The Covid Pandemic Was Devastating. But Was it Trauma?

To answer the question, one must first define trauma — which is more difficult than it might seem.

A mask left discarded on the ground.

A 'natural death' may be preferable for many to enduring CPR

Despite its reputation as a lifesaver, for the elderly and medically frail, CPR may cause more harm than good. It's why many doctors opt not to receive it themselves.

CPR being done on a practice body.

We Started the Fire

The risks of prescribed burns in a warming climate.

Las Dispensas vicinity topo map

The Comet Year

What the COVID-19 pandemic portends.

A depiction of people pointing at a comet in the night sky.

How a Milder COVID Variant Is Creating a Health-Care Crisis

Omicron may be less dangerous on an individual level, but hospitals are still overwhelmed, with dire ripple effects.

A person laying in a hospital bed.

In New Mexico, the Pandemic Rages On

As unvaccinated patients overwhelm hospitals, health-care workers are being pushed to the edge.

Road sign in New Mexico.